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I need money to start a business.

October 16th, 2015

20668258779_1cf20f6930_kI was born in Tanzania my parents left Rwanda in 1979. In 2007, I came back to live here in Rwanda with my husband. We chose to live in Musanze because my husband’s parents were originally from here. It was really tough in the beginning , we didn’t have anything, we didn’t even didn’t have a place to live and It was very difficult to get food. We lived on cultivating for other people for many years .  We were so poor that we qualified to get a house  in this village. Today,  I am part of an association, we grow tomatoes in this green house. It takes 4 months for the tomatoes to grow, we take them to the market and split the money among us. Sometimes I make RWF 5000 a month, other times RWF 2000 or sometimes I don’t make any money at all,  because by the time I get the money in my hands, there are lot of things I need to pay for. If I could get money I would start a business and start to sell things in town. I would not sell things in this village .  People that stay in this village  are all involved in the same activities, we make little money together and lose it together.

Photo: Alice Kayibanda

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